Many have tried to document the healing benefits of color and/or sound, mentally, physically and emotionally. Many others, including myself, attest to the benefits of color/or sound in creating a more desired outcome in terms of feelings of love, hope, order, peace, joy, or connections with God.

In my own healing path, I have done "art journalling", and mandala creation in a quiet, inner focused state using free forms to tighter geometric shapes.




Welcome to Susan Driver's Healing Art Center, Painting the Inner Light. On the pages here you will find Susan Driver's Spiritual or Healing Art, along with an estore where you have an opportunity or order extraordinary gifts cards coded with Djwal Khul's energy. You will find them on the 12 positive Ray Cards that also give beautiful healing affirmations to go with each color. They have been used for healing and meditation

On this page, you can find four different Healing Art Galleries you can visit by clicking the links here or by scrolling down the page.

A selection of Susan's originals and prints can also be found and ordered on Fine Art America's website.


COLOR THERAPY: Works done to expedite others peace and harmony or healing

MEDITATIONS: Works done in conjunction with affirmations




MANDALAS Geometric mandalas are said to "stretch the brain". The circle, triangle, square and flower of life and other geometric shapes have traditional symbolic meanings that are part of many cultures. The forms I have created do not follow any specific cultural pattern, but are undertaken with intentions to use these forms as a design to express "Joy" a wish to be "Seeing beyond the Veil" or just as an adventure. Some of my mandala works have been created in response to a specific question.

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Works done to expedite others peace and harmony or healing

Color Therapy paintings are colors selected on request for specific clients. The colors can be chosen by the client with a particular focus as healing peace, balance, prosperity. Alternatively, the colors can be selected with channeled suggestions by K. Desai, dowsed by Susan or selected from the 12 Rays. In this gallery are some examples of these styles of paintings. Numbers 1 and 2 were made as samples of colors chosen from teh 12 Rays. Number one is sold. Number three was painted for Dr. Sharon Montes.

" I love the painting Susan and her team of light beings created for me. I have it in my bedroom over my bed, where it is frequently the focus for joyful easy meditation. I lay down and prop my feet up on the wall and spend time looking at the painting. My eyes and heart enjoy teh dance of color and connecting with the feeling that "all is well". I arise refreshed and ready to act from that feeling. Thank you" Sharon Montes MD.




Works done in conjunction with affirmations

Holding a spiritual affirmation in the mind, and feeling it in the body can be another way to approach art. Then the artist and canvas can become one. The result is theraputic for the artist and selective viewers.


Number one was done to the affirmation "I am the Will of God" as from the "12 Ray Card" ray 1, I serve Devine will. My will and Divine Will are one" Acrylics, 18" x 24" (for sale, contact artist).

Number two is titled "the will of God at work in the universe" Acrylics, 18" x 24" (sold).