Ascended Master Djwal Khul and 12 Ray work

Ascended Tibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl has been channeled by many people over the years. His intention is to support humanities progress to full expression of Peace and Love. The first 7 Rays and their positive aspects or colors were revealed through Alice Bailey in the '20s. In 2005 more Rays were brought in by Terri Newlon.

Recently many more positive Rays have been made available for humanity's growth.



12 Rays – Positive Aspects Only

The 12 Rays of Creation are aspects of Universal Divine Light of Creation. “In the Beginning was the Word”- Sound has vibration. Vibration has color. Color has form.

Each ray is a Holy Trinity, with a positive, negative and neutral aspect. Each soul begins at the positive and works it way through the trinity to return to the positive at the end of the journey of enlightenment. Working with the Positive only aspects speeds up ones evolution. Attunements to each of the Rays are available allowing one to vibrate the positive only aspect of the Ray and make it available in both your daily life and available to Humanity.

The Ray teachings for Rays 1 – 7 were originally brought by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, also known as the Tibetan, through Alice Bailey. The teachings for the higher rays were brought in through Terri Newlon in the year 2005.

1. 1st Ray Positive - Pink-Red – Divine Will – I Serve Divine Will. I Manifest Divine Will. My Will and Divine Will are ONE. Allows access to centered grace and Knowing that ALL IS WELL.

2. 2nd Ray Positive - Blue – Love – Wisdom – I AM Divine Love. Access the Mastery Point of Love and Wisdom by collapsing the polarities of seeming opposites. In the Mastery Point you have access to all possibilities to serve and heal for the highest good.

3. 3rd Ray Positive - Sunlight Yellow – Divine Intelligence. I AM Divine Intelligence Creating Organized Matter. Use of this allows you to grow and flourish things you wish to have come together. It allows for deep understanding of complex and confusing information. Very healing for the Earth.

4. 4th Ray Positive - Green – Harmony – I Create Harmony. I AM Harmoney. I Manifest Harmony. Use to ease tensions and harmonize times of conflict. Very healing light for human bodies. Source Ray for Reiki. Use when have a boo boo – With Left Hand pull out disharmony “Exit Conflict!” with your right hand offer Green 4th Ray Positive “Enter Harmony!”

5. 5th Ray Positive - Orange – The Ending of Suffering and Understanding of Complex Details and Issues. The Revealer of Truth. Use for Discerning your next steps. “I AM the Divine Plan in Action.” “I AM the Divine Plan Unfolding.” “I AM the Divine Plan Completed.”

6. 6th Ray Positive – Indigo – Devotion and World Service. – Brings in great creativity for world service, problem solving, artistic endeavors. “I AM the Devoted to the Path of World Peace.” “I AM connected to my Lightworker Family.” “I AM open to ideas directly from spirit.”

7. 7th Ray Positive – Violet – Transmutation and Transformation. “I AM Transformation in Perfection.” “I AM Divine Manifestation.” Use for cleansing and clearing the energy field to transmute that which is ready to move on to its next evolutation.

8. 8th Ray Positive – Green-Violet – Power, Money, & Manifestation. Also Purification. “I am Focused Momentum!” “I Live the full purpose of this Incarnation Now!” “888! 888! 888!” Use in centered focused care for potent Manifesting.

9. 9th Ray Positive – Blue – Green – Exquisite Joy & Flow – “I Choose Exquisite Joy!” “Create Joy!” “Joy, Joy, Joy!” “999! 999! 999!”

10. 10th Ray Positive - Pearlescent Pink – Magnetizes the Soul into the Body. Brings Soul
Consciousness into this Physical Reality.

11. 11th Ray Positive – Pink – Orange – Universal Wisdom – Anchors the Soul into the Body. “My Cells contain the Knowledge of the Universe.”

12. 12th Ray Positive – Gold – Inner Wisdom – Use when you feel uncertain or clueless. Use for within.” “I know.” “Present Here Now!”

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